Spellcraft as a Service

a novel by
N. S. Bradford

There has never been a better time to
start your own empire.

Demorgoth is on his way.

You have always known you were special. For now, you are a mere mortal, a nameless mercenary, scraping together a living in a backwater village on the fringe of a tyrannical spellcraft empire. Yet, within your heart, you have always yearned to erect an empire of justice and freedom, to elevate human ideals, to make this world a better place.

So, when an angel descends from the stars and offers you aid, you know this is the moment to seize your destiny. He can instruct you in spellcraft. He can acquaint you with powerful gods to bless and sponsor you. He can show you how to attract citizens, and how to govern them as your dominion expands. He can guide you through the inevitable wars with the decaying oppressive regimes that stand between the world and prosperity.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an empire.

You know precious little of this angel, but you remain certain his intentions are noble. Why would the heavens deceive? All he asks in return: just a tiny piece of your soul.